Digital Fossil

Searching for Solidity in the Digital.


This work evolved from an accidental digital glitch or error, which was recorded while transferring videotape to the computer for editing. I saw something rather beautiful in the square pixelated images produced. I animated and manipulated one of these images, to produce the video piece, i-Glitch (2007)

The video i-Glitch explores ideas about online identity and error. “The glitch became my identity”. This image is still my profile picture on Facebook and other on line sites.

As an experiment a Laser Cutter, and I burnt the Glitch image into an old roof slate. The slate had layers of rust from the original nail, these were revealed in the cutting process. This created a solid sculptural object from the purely digital.

In December 2015 I decided to make a permanent record of the Glitch on my skin with a tattoo.

A short rumination on the Glitch  pdf link

Displayed at the O3 Gallery in Oxford in January 2012.
Shown at Fringe Arts Bath June 2014