A selection of Art Based Videos


VHS Bottom Lines, Or how to watch a film in three minutes

I’ve always been fascinated by the bottom few pixels of a VHS capture. On certain tapes you get an abstract impression of the full frame. Glitching away happily. This video is an experiment where a full feature film captured from the original commercial VHS, has the bottom 10 pixels layered up in AfterEffects to allow the 2 hour movie to be viewed in just 3 minutes. The result with the combined audio is surprisingly watch-able. Our ability to find pattern and structure in randomness is amazing.


VHS – Auto destruct Show Reel

How to destroy old vhs tapes by spooling them out of a cassette with the corner cut off.
This shows the destruction of AD Pawleys 2000 Show Reel.


VHS Plinth and Furniture

A short documentation of a Plinth built from VHS tapes for a show at Oxford Brookes University and its subsequent repurposing as items of domestic furniture.